Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Official Price in Bangladesh:

74,900 Tk.

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We have published a more detailed review of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which is the most popular one among the S10 series phones. Most of the features of Samsung Galaxy S10e are the same as the Galaxy S10+ with a few adjustments and a fair amount of compromises. Here in this review, we will mention only the important differences. Please check the link mentioned above to experience more about the features of S10 series.

Samsung Galaxy S10e has a much smaller 5.8-inch display compared to the above 6-inch displays of the other S10 series phones. If you like a smaller phone, this is definitely the better choice for you. However, be informed that the display quality is Full HD+ which is fairly low compared to the Quad HD+ display of the others. The 3100 mAh battery is also quite low. But since the display is much smaller here as well as the quality, it will consume much lower power than the other two. On the positive side, the battery of Galaxy S10e will charge faster because of its compactness. If the front camera is very important to you, you may consider the Galaxy S10+ with its dual setup. The 6 GB RAM version will provide a little lower performance but still should be more than enough for most of the modern day tasks. The heart rate sensor is missing on this phone as well. We are also not sure if this phone has DeX (desktop experience) and if it has the video stabilization with 4K recording or only with Full HD (1080p) recording. These are some of the most important adjustments of Galaxy S10e that you should consider before finalizing your choice from the three.