Samsung Galaxy J4+

Samsung Galaxy J4+

Official Price in Bangladesh:

15,990 13,990 Tk.

Samsung Galaxy J4+ Full Specifications

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Big display, trendy design, decent performance, Samsung’s trustworthy build quality, great camera for the price define Samsung Galaxy J4+. You can kind of say that “Samsung is back” with this low-mid range device. Samsung wasn’t doing well the last couple of years especially with devices in low or low-mid range scene. Some Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Huawei established themselves with more attractive features, performance, design and professional service. Samsung now managed to combine the trendy big full-view design, diverse features and satisfactory performance in this price range. When Samsung start manufacturing phones in Bangladesh, the price will be even lower. So, it will be easier for them to gain their position back in the Bangladeshi market. Moreover, Samsung’s camera, sound, battery, display, software technology and overall hardware quality has been more superior and sustainable than the established Chinese brand till now. It will surely help Samsung to gain more consumer interest.