Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Official Price in Bangladesh:

41,900 Tk.

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Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is slightly different than the traditional Samsung releases in Bangladesh. They usually release Only Galaxy S series or Galaxy Note series as high-end smartphones or the Galaxy A series as slightly lower high-end phones. Now they have bought Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro out of the box. The specifications are also kind of mixed. First of all, it comes with a massive 6 GB RAM. Using a smartphone is now going to give a completely different feeling. Together with Octa-core CPU and 4G network, it will give ultra-fast browsing experience whether on social media, YouTube or in There are also Adreno 510 GPU and 6-inch display for professional mobile gaming. 4000 mAh big battery with fast charging should provide a more relaxing daily experience. There are two 16 megapixel cameras on the front and back side for high-quality mobile photography and there is a fingerprint sensor mounted on the front side for extra security and premium feeling.

Although there are many cool features in Galaxy C9 Pro, it also has some drawbacks. There is no OTG and there is no ultra HD video recording (only Full HD). Snapdragon 653 chip is relatively weak comparing to the newest chips from Qualcomm. So, in our opinion, some more updated features could fit in a premium device like this.